What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is an organization that provides service management through various applications in the cloud. ServiceNow ensures that all software that companies use runs in the service management area and that software communicates with each other. For example, incidents are created and resolved by the right people or machines. Thanks to these workflows, as ServiceNow calls it, employee productivity and thus the productivity of the entire company is increased. ServiceNow simplifies complex work steps for employees.

The productivity of the entire company is increased.

In conclusion: ServiceNow uses technology to make work easier and more understandable for employees through the applications in the cloud. Since the applications work through a cloud, the applications are accessible anywhere (only via the Internet).

How does ServiceNow work?

Within ServiceNow, there are three types of workflows: IT workflow, employee workflow and customer workflow. Applications reinforce each other because they can merge information to achieve better performance. ServiceNow works with little to no code and the applications can communicate with external platforms. That’s why ServiceNow is easy to use. In addition, business data is synchronized, data is always up to date and applications are always available online.

Employee Workflow

WhiteBrick focuses in particular on ServiceNow’s Employee Workflow. This workflow includes HR Service Delivery, IT Service Management and the NOW platform. To illustrate, here is an example of the possibilities within the Employee Workflow:
The Employee Workflow is ideal for onboarding a new employee. A new employee has to learn many processes and many new accounts have to be created internally. Perhaps a computer or company phone needs to be purchased for the new employee. Most likely, the HR employee has to do this manually or delegate it to other employees. In any case, however, these activities are performed manually by one or more employees. This takes unnecessary hours or even days.
Thanks to the Employee Workflow, this process is completed within ten minutes. The ServiceNow application creates an onboarding workflow via WhiteBrick that automates the entire process. The data has to be entered by an employee and ServiceNow routes all tasks to the people selected for this specific workflow. Within the system, applications are therefore assigned to the right person so that they can get started. In this way, direct communication takes place, which saves time.
ServiceNow offers direct communication, which saves a lot of time.

There are many options within an employee workflow.
For example, following the example, you can add the employee to the account before joining the organization. This way, he can prepare for the tasks, receive a (standard) welcome message from the director or complete specific training. Almost everything can be done within the ServiceNow applications.

ServiceNow in your organization?

With ServiceNow, everything is possible within the applications when it comes to automation. ServiceNow stands for ready-to-use templates that they sell through partners. The partners create and monitor the various applications for different organizations. WhiteBrick creates applications within the employee workflow that inspire employees and make them more creative and productive.

Are you interested or would you like to start directly with an employee workflow? Contact us for the possibilities, call us directly on +31 6 20 54 25 39 or send an email to [email protected].

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