ServiceNow Platform Analytics

Your ServiceNow instance holds a significant amount of data and manages the workload for many within your company. To efficiently handle work, assets, and personnel, visualizing this data is crucial. It reveals current operations, highlights areas for improvement, and facilitates proactive actions, preventing issues before they arise. This helps employees maximize their potential, ultimately enhancing your company.

What is Platform Analytics?

Platform Analytics is the new reporting method in ServiceNow, set to replace all dashboards, reports, PA widgets, filters, etc.

Although it sounds similar to Performance Analytics, it is a distinct module that includes Performance Analytics and all other aspects related to visualizing your data.

Introduced in the Tokyo release (Q3’22), and matured ever since, it will completely replace the old dashboarding and reporting methods with the Zurich release (Q3’25).

Time lines


Introduction of Platform Analytics as a separate workspace on the platform.


Platform Analytics becomes available for use and testing.


Further use and testing; existing visualizations, dashboards, and reports must be recreated on Platform Analytics.

Washington DC

Customers can opt-in to Platform Analytics and migrate old reports and dashboards using a migration tool.


New clients will start with Platform Analytics by default; the old reporting/dashboarding methods will not be available.


Last version where customers can test Platform Analytics while the old methods remain active.


Upgrading to Zürich (or later) will activate Platform Analytics and automatically migrate all existing reports and dashboards.

What Will Change?

The entire process of creating dashboards and reports will be different. You can explore how it works through the Platform Analytics Workspace (pre-Washington) or the navigator pane menu (Washington and later). It offers a more dynamic and user-friendly way to create data visualizations, though it will require some adjustment.

Until the Zurich release, you can opt-in; after that, Platform Analytics will be mandatory. The Washington release includes a migration tool to help you understand the transition process for your dashboards.

How Will This Impact You?

This change introduces a completely new way of working with reports and dashboards. Despite ServiceNow’s assurance of redirects for shortcuts, users must be informed and trained in this new system. It’s also an opportunity to assess the relevance of existing dashboards and clean up outdated reports.

WhiteBrick Supports

Don’t underestimate the impact of this transition. Although the old system will be active for another year, it’s wise to start planning now. WhiteBrick can assist with your cleanup and migration efforts. We have a comprehensive document outlining the process, including how to create new visualizations.

If you need assistance or want a copy of our document, contact us at [email protected] or for our existing customers through the known channels.

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