Manage the COVID-19 crisis with the free apps of ServiceNow

The COVID-19 pandemic currently presents unique and major challenges worldwide. Both business and private life are under pressure. To support companies and institutions, ServiceNow offers 4 free new community apps for customers until September 30, 2020.ServiceNow’s digital workflows simplify complexity, allowing employers and employees to focus on the work that matters most.It concerns the following 4 apps:

Emergency Outreach

Notifies employees of safety measures and allow them to self-report health status. Employees can stay connected via email or mobile push notification. Important information regarding emergency and safety measures can be shared. Location and status of employees can be reported.

Emergency Self Report

Enables employees to report quarantine status and confirm return to work. Enables managers, HR and response teams to take appropriate actions through workflows. Helps employees notify employers when they can safely return to work.

Emergency Exposure Management

Identifies illness exposure among employees. Location and contact information can be automatically extracted for affected employees. Follow-up lists can be export.

Emergency Response operations

Assist state and local government in incident resource planning and activation. Washington State Department of Health, a customer of ServiceNow, developed the Emergency Response Operations-app on the Now Platform. Together with ServiceNow, the Department of Health offers the app free for other government agencies.


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