Everything you want to know about the Employee Workflow

Employees are the hub of your company. That’s why it’s so important for them to have a good time. This benefits their productivity and commitment to the organization. Simple tasks can sometimes be quite a task and take a lot of time. As a result, employees get stuck, frustrated or sometimes even overwhelmed. This in turn has a negative impact on productivity and engagement. In the long run, it can even mean losing talent within your company.

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a service management tool that promotes work efficiency. This tool provides service to the employees of an organization, by means of various applications.

In our previous blog we already explained what ServiceNow is all about (…) – divided into IT Workflow, Employee workflow and Customer Workflow.

Why do I need an Employee Workflow?

Employees are the core of an organization. That is why it is important to keep your employees happy and motivated. ServiceNow’s digital workflows remove friction and inefficiency from the tasks associated with particular moments of employees. That way, employees can focus on strategic, meaningful work. The work they love and not the hassle around it.

With the help of ServiceNow employees can focus on strategic, meaningful work.

When employees need to solve problems with their job, their questions can go to many different places within an organization. One question goes to IT and the other question to HR or Finance. These employee problems are crucial. It’s about the “moments that matter” in an employee’s Employee journey. More of these moments are for example maternity and paternity leave. But also questions such as “I need a new monitor, when can I pick it up?” or “It looks like something is wrong with my paycheck, could we have a look “? are important questions.

ServiceNow Technologies

ServiceNow offers technology that drastically improves all of the HR experiences, big issues and daily requests. We help customers get to a place where important moments are increasingly self-service, regardless of how employees want to find answers: via browser, mobile, chat or voice. In this way, the organization functions more efficiently and employees can work on what they love without having to deal with daily hassle.

Consumers vs. employees

We help customers get to a place where important moments are increasingly self-service.

Consumers expect personal and simple, automated processes. Fast and easy, that’s what it’s all about in this digital age. This applies to consumers, but actually also to employees. Employees expect the same experience at work. They must be received the same internally as externally. However, technology in the workplace is lagging behind. Employees expect more from employers and organizations than what they can actually deliver.

HR Service Delivery

An organization can distinguish itself by offering valuable service to their employees. The quality of service that an employee experiences from entry into it affects the entire employee experience. The Employee journey consists of daily routine actions, simple tasks such as resolving a salary difference and complex moments such as onboarding, promotion, paternity leave or a relocation. For all moments within the Employee journey there is an opportunity for an organization to distinguish itself. Offer fast and personalized service to boost the productivity and satisfaction of your employees. ServiceNow offers the following

HR options:

  • ServiceNow Case and Knowledge Management ensures that you can easily document, ensure interaction and answer questions and requests. You set up HR efficiently, making it easier for employees to get the services they need.
  • ServiceNow Employee Service Center offers a center where employees can find all relevant HR-related information and guidance. Here they can open a case in which they ask for and receive help. They can always follow the progress of such a case. By digitizing this help, costs are lower, there are fewer questions and there is an employee-friendly service experience.
  • ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions makes it possible to manage the lifecycle of employees. Onboarding, offboarding, relocation, leave and other processes involving HR (including IT, finance and Legal department) are automated. Work quickly and effectively. Employees are employees and can quickly work on the tasks they enjoy. HR employees have less to do with daily hassle and can focus more on strategic issues and projects.

So there are various options that you can offer the HR department. This increases the efficiency of your organization because you automate processes and avoid complexity. To make this possible, a link with IT is indispensable.

Combination with IT

IT makes automations possible. As mentioned earlier, ServiceNow has initially started to automate IT Workflows. As more customers started to use IT workflows, workflows also came to customers who were deployed outside the IT domain. Among other things for HR, so there is now an Employee Workflow package especially for HR employees. The most commonly used example here is onboarding a new employee. Many steps must be taken when onboarding an employee. Accounts must be created, such as Salesforce, Office 365, Workday, the intranet, etc. You may also need to purchase a phone or laptop. Without automation, HR will have to do all this manually, or partially outsource it to the IT department, which will take some time. Small actions that can take hours or even days. With Employee Workflows, the HR employee is ready with all these tasks within 10 minutes. Because, thanks to ServiceNow, WhiteBrick creates an onboarding workflow that automates all of this. Because ServiceNow has integrations with all known solutions, only one form has to be filled in and ServiceNow then provides that data through other applications or other key employees.

Everything you can think of is possible.

ServiceNow offers the possibility to involve the new employee in the onboarding process. The employee can then log in in the weeks prior to his employment and read and agree to certain company rules. For example, how to deal with customers and colleagues, the company manual, working hours, declaration rules, etc.

For example, videos can also be offered, with a welcome message from the director, or an introductory training of the activities of the company. Everything you can think of is possible.

The many advantages

In short, there are many advantages to using the Employee Workflow. You improve the employee experience. Employees connect you to one place where they can easily receive good service from HR (and IT).

Employees communicate easily and know where to go for important and relevant information. Within the Employee Workflow, all relevant information goes to the person responsible for it. Tasks are assigned and employees receive an answer to their question in no time by means of a chat or if desired a virtual agent.

Get started with your Employee Workflow

Would you like to get started with the Employee workflow? WhiteBrick builds applications within the Employee Workflow that inspires employees and makes them more creative and productive.

Are you interested or do you want to start using an Employee Workflow right away? Contact us for the possibilities, call us directly on + 31 6 29 52 45 45 or send an email to info@whitebrick.eu.

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